Why Take a Prenatal Vitamin?

Posted by Pharmics on 21st Jan 2021

Taking a prenatal vitamin is one of the key components of a healthy pregnancy. These components include appropriate weight gain, avoidance of harmful substances such as tobacco and alcohol, … read more

What are Prenatal Vitamins and How are they Used?

Posted by Pharmics on 21st Jan 2021

Prenatal VitaminsPregnancy often comes with so many questions and concerns. We want you to feel comfort and peace of mind throughout your pregnancy. The brands of vitamins and iron supplements for pre … read more

Which prenatal vitamin should I take?

Posted by Pharmics on 21st Jan 2021

I often hear the question, which prenatal vitamin should I take. Some women even wonder if they should be taking a prenatal vitamin. Many physicians recommend that every woman during her childbearing … read more