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Pharmics offers a specific line of bariatric iron supplement products designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals who have undergone weight loss surgical procedures. We believe that through quality and adherence to scientific principles we can help to support a vision of life-long health after surgery. Our core product line includes bariatric iron supplements. Four types of iron supplements, an oral ferrous fumarate tablet, an Iron Protein Succinylate liquid and capsules and a chewable carbonyl iron.  We pride ourselves in the exceptional quality of our bariatric iron products. Our products are formulated to be well absorbed, gentle on the stomach, easy to digest, to provide the most bio-available nutrient forms, and to meet adult nutritional needs. You’ll find a wide variety of bariatric vitamins designed for the special health needs of weight loss surgery patients. Choose from our bariatric iron supplements that are scientifically formulated for optimum support of your post bariatric surgery health. The great taste of our chewable, products helps to foster compliance, and added details like low-glycemic formulation helps our customers to be successful.

The Ferretts bariatric iron comes as an easy to swallow tablet, chewable tablet, capsules and liquid that insure your metabolic needs are met.  Pharmics Ferretts iron supplements are superior in quality and in content. We have been helping those that lose weight with diets and weight loss surgery. We have learned that dieting does not have to be complicated or expensive to be effective. Whether your goal is to lose 10 pounds or 200 pounds we have simple, effective and inexpensive tool to help you.

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