Ferretts Chewable Iron - Product Reviews


Ferretts Chewable Iron tablets - Product Reviews

Great Taste! 

Jun 13, by Elisha P. 
I really like how it taste and how it melts , also very easy to chew and it gives me more energy

Absolutely the Best! 

Oct 08, by Kathryn

I have been taking the chewable iron for a few weeks now, it is fantastic. I like the taste but best of all there are no side effects and my iron levels are going up. Thanks.



No Chalky Taste like other Chewables 

Oct 08, by Dawn R.
I was hesitate to try the chewables, since all the others were chalky and just taste bad. These are wonderful. They are almost like candies. It is like a grape flavored "smartie" candy only sweeter and not so sour. LOVE THEM!

Truly NO Iron Taste Whatsoever 

Aug. 03, by Debbie R.

I accidentally ordered the chewable recently, and boy, and I glad I did! I LOVE these! I agree with the reviewer that they taste like candy. There is no, 0%, not ANY flavor of's just Yummy!!!