Iron Supplements for Women & Teenage Girls

Iron Supplements for Women & Teenage Girls

Women’s bodies need the optimal amount of iron for ongoing health and well-being. Teenage girls also face a critical need for adequate levels of this critical mineral. The National Institutes of Health recommends an increased iron intake for girls age 14 to 18 and women age 19 to 50.


Elemental iron is necessary for the body make red blood cells. If you don’t have enough iron, you won’t have enough red blood cells to oxygenate the body and remove carbon dioxide. This leads to a condition known as iron-deficiency anemia or IDA.

For women and girls, IDA can develop more easily due to the presence of hormones and the physiological demands that menstruation places on the body. Iron deficiency can lead to symptoms such weakness, concentration problems, fatigue, gastric disturbances and other chronic conditions.

Taking over-the-counter iron pills or liquid supplements can help support overall health and wellbeing by ensuring adequate iron intake. But how do you determine which option is the best iron supplement for you or your teen?

How to Choose the Best Iron Supplement for Women & Girls

If you have searched for online iron supplements, you might quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the countless options and often conflicting information you find.

Pharmics, Inc. understands these challenges and how frustrating it can be to find the most effective iron supplement for women. For that reason, we offer only physician recommended Ferretts iron tablets and liquid supplements, which are effective and gentle on the stomach.

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Contact your healthcare provider before taking any iron supplement.

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