Iron Supplements for Kids, Infants & Toddlers

As a parent, you know that only the best iron supplement for kids will do when it comes to your family.

Children’s growing bodies need proper nutrition to ensure optimal health and wellness. Unfortunately, few kids get all the nutrients they need from diet alone. Iron deficiencies, in particular, can be detrimental, impeding growth and potentially increasing the risk of infections, weak muscles, learning challenges, behavioral issues and other problems.

Finding the right supplement for your child can be challenging. Fortunately, Pharmics carries the high-quality over-the-counter kids iron supplements you need for every stage of your child’s life.


Does Your Child Need Iron Supplements?

Both the U.S. National Institutes for Health (NIH) and the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) stress the importance of iron supplements for kids. According to the NIH, infants and young children face a significant risk of iron deficiency, especially if the child was born pre-term or had a low birth weight. Iron supplementation for infants becomes critical at six to nine months of age, due to the physiological requirements of their rapid growth.

According to the AAP, human breast milk is a poor source of iron. If your child is breast-fed, he or she faces an increased risk of IDA. The AAP recommends giving a liquid iron supplement to breast-fed infants.

Toddlers, preschoolers, children and teenagers all need iron.


Liquid Iron Supplements for Kids

A liquid iron supplement is appropriate for children up to 14 years of age but can be dosed for any age category.

Pharmics’ liquid iron supplement is gluten-free, dye-free and easy on little ones’ tummies. Its delightful strawberry flavor tastes great alone or mixed with formula, juice or soft foods.

Our unique blend is made for maximum tolerance and absorption, ensuring your infant or toddler gets the amount of iron their growing body and mind need to optimal health.


Tablets & Chewable Iron Supplements for Children

Our chewable iron tablets are ideal for children 14 and up who are not ready or unable to swallow regular tablets. Ferretts chewable iron tablets are easy to digest and won’t cause constipation. They don’t have the unpleasant, metallic aftertaste that many products have, so you won’t have to battle with your child to get them the nutritional support they need for health and well-being.

For kids and teens, our Ferretts over the counter children’s iron supplements are an easy and affordable way to support good health as well as brain and body development.

For girls who have begun menstruation, the NIH recommends an average daily iron intake of 15 mg. For girls with heavy menstrual bleeding, these requirements may be even higher.

Talk to your doctor or healthcare practitioner to determine the proper dosage for your children throughout their early lives.

Note: Ferretts chewable iron supplements are not intended for children under the age of 14. For younger children, please see our Ferretts liquid iron supplement.


Choosing the Best Kids’ Iron Supplements

Trust Pharmics for all your kids’ iron supplementation needs, from birth to graduation and beyond. Since 1970, we have helped families support optimal health with our high-quality products and exceptional service. Our products are affordable and easy to order through our secure website.

Contact us today for more information, or to place an order for iron supplements for the whole family!

Warning: Contact your healthcare provider before taking any iron supplement.

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