Iron Supplements for Anemia

Iron supplements for anemia help support overall health and well-being, and can assist in managing iron deficiency anemia, or IDA.

Millions of Americans battle IDA, which can cause a variety of symptoms and complications. Anyone can become anemic but some of the highest risks are faced by pregnant women, new moms, women and teen girls who menstruate, infants and children, and athletes (especially women).

Others who face an increased risk of IDA include those people with kidney disease, those who take iron-depleting medications, people with certain types of cancer, and anyone who has disorders of the gastrointestinal system or who has had gastrointestinal surgery.



Finding the Best Iron Supplement for Anemia

Knowing which supplements to choose can be difficult, especially when you find so many different kinds of iron supplements online.

Look for tablet, chewable or liquid iron supplements that have the best absorption and tolerability. Ferretts over-the-counter iron supplements from Pharmics are gluten-free and easy on the digestive tract. Our products are formulated to be non-constipating, allowing them to be absorbed more easily by the body without unpleasant side effects.

Your medical practitioner can provide you with guidelines for using supplements to support anemia and to help you avoid the development of IDA. Contact us to learn more or to place your order for any of our affordable, high-quality iron supplements for anemia.


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