Iron Supplements

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Are you looking for a Better Iron? Iron is an essential mineral that is necessary for life; it is also the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. Iron plays an important role in making red blood cells that carry oxygen. The need for extra iron may be caused by several conditions including the loss of blood, diets low in iron, pregnancy, heavy menstrual periods, weight loss surgery (bariatric), gastrointestinal abnormalities, normal body changes (growth spurts in children), and kidney disease.  

Iron supplements are commonly recommended for infants and toddlers, teenage girls, pregnant women or women of childbearing age, Athletes, Distance runners, menstruating women, people with digestive problems and absorption issues, senior adults, vegetarians and vegans to help prevent iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia. Ask your health care provider to check your iron level before taking an iron supplement.

Unlike other kinds of iron supplements, Ferretts Supplements are gentle on the stomach and well absorbed.


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