Ferretts Iron Tablets - Product Review

Ferretts Iron Tablets - Product Review


No tummy trouble

Jul 12, 2013 by Sandra Murray

Yes I would and have recommended Ferretts Iron tablets.
They work well, with no constipation.

Really works

Mar 19, 2012 by Wily Girl

I have been anemic my whole life, and I'm also a long-distance runner. The Ferretts supplements actually work to consistantly keep my iron count up to where I can regularly donate at the blood bank. I take 3 tablets a day, and couldn't be happier with the results.

Very gentle on stomach

Feb 22, 2012 by HB from Sandy, UT

Yes, I would recommend Ferretts to a friend. My doctor told me to get Ferretts because I would only need to take one tablet per day and it would be gentle on my stomach, he was right. Ferretts is much better than the other brand I was taking.

Yes for gastric bypass

Feb 22, 2012 by Colorado Lyn

As a gastric bypass patient who needs to take an iron supplement, I was so happy to discover Ferretts! It is the first iron supplement I've found that doesn't bother my stomach, and the very small coated pill size is a huge plus. Thanks for making such a great product! I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

I recommend Ferretts

Feb 22, 2012 by Air Force Brat from Shillington, PA

Yes, I would recommend Ferretts to a friend. I've been taking Ferretts for about 6 years. I had severe anemia, almost died from it. My doctor recommended Ferretts and I faithfully take 3 tabs every day (on advice of my doc). It's helped quite a bit.

Great Stuff

Feb 22, 2012 by G W from Quakertown PA

Yes, I would recommend Ferretts to a friend, Great stuff...been taking it for years. Best bariatric iron supplement I have found.

I am a satisfied customer

Feb 22, 2012 by Joy L from Raleigh, NC

Yes, I would recommend Ferretts to a friend. I have been purchasing Ferretts #60 tablets for quite a while now and am happy with the product and with the service I've received from Pharmics. The Ferretts is a medical necessity for me and works well for me. I was glad to be able to find Pharmics on the internet and I am a satisfied customer.