Risks of Untreated Iron Deficiency Anemia

Risks of Untreated Iron Deficiency Anemia

Posted by Pharmics on 9th Nov 2021

For those who suffer from it, iron deficiency anemia is a condition that’s no fun – both in the short term and, if it isn’t properly treated, in the long run as well. Referring to a situation where the blood doesn’t have enough red blood cells, generally due to low iron levels that doesn’t allow proper hemoglobin production, iron deficiency anemia can lead to some significant health risks if it’s not addressed – women are at greater risk than men, but both genders have some level of risk here.

Luckily, you have solutions available if you deal with this condition, such as the variety of iron supplements we offer at Pharmics Inc. – from chewable iron supplements to ferrous tablets and iron protein succinylate in a liquid or capsules and several other OTC iron products for you to choose from. Our products, taken in coordination with efforts like an improved diet, will limit or eliminate your issues with iron deficiency anemia, including some of the major health risks that are present if this condition is not properly treated. Here’s a brief rundown of these risks you’ll be facing if you don’t take the proper steps to combat iron deficiency anemia.

General Tiredness or Lethargy

Overall tiredness is one of the top short-term symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, but you risk it becoming a permanent issue if you don’t treat this condition properly. People with chronic iron deficiency will feel weak and lethargic throughout the majority of most days, including some where they feel like they can barely make it out of bed.

This will often have an impact in other areas, such as productivity at your job. Many people in this position will be far too sleepy, plus may have trouble exercising without becoming tired almost immediately.

Immune System Compromising

Another possible impact of untreated iron deficiency anemia is a weakening of the immune system. Your body needs proper iron levels to supply the immune system with red blood cells to fight disease, and without it, you risk much higher susceptibility to things like the flu, infections and various other simple illnesses that your immune system would typically fight off.

Issues in Pregnancy

A particular group that’s at-risk from iron deficiency anemia is pregnant women, who typically require higher iron levels than normal to assist with their pregnancy, making this condition more common for them. If levels are too low, the risk of pregnancy complications goes way up. So, too, does the risk for post-natal depression, which is a major concern for some new mothers.

Heart or Lung Problems

Finally, certain severe iron anemia cases involve the risk of tachycardia, or an abnormally fast heartbeat. Others may be at risk of pure heart failure, where the heart is not pumping blood effectively to the right places in the body.

Avoid any of these issues by contacting the pros at Pharmics Inc. today. Find out which of our iron supplements will be best to help eliminate your iron deficiency anemia.

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