Bariatric Support Centers International

Coleen Cook and BSCI

Are There To Support Weight Loss Surgery Patients

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Bariatric Support Centers International (BSCI) is a resource to help support past, present, and future weight loss surgery patients. Coleen Cook, president of BSCI, not only knows what she is talking about, but has been there herself too. Coleen and her husband Roger are both weight loss surgery patients from years ago, Coleen in 1995, and Roger in 2000. Both are still running strong with their long-term success of weight loss. Needless to say, Coleen’s passion, and drive to help, support, and guide past, present, and future patients exudes from her daily. Coleen speaks, writes, and teaches the very thing she has experienced herself.

As president of BSCI, Coleen provides the opportunity to become a BSCI instructor and become equipped with the knowledge to provide resources such as, Success Habits and Back on Track. The key tools to help people stay on track with their weight loss surgery successes. Daily individuals are being provided with resources, reviews, products, and webinars to help with their daily lifestyle changes.

In 2009 Coleen was named “Bariatric Professional of the Year” by Bariatric Care Network. Coleen currently is serving on the Membership Committee for the Obesity Action Coalition.

BSCI has become a beacon of light for those who have struggled with weight loss for years, found hope with surgery weight loss, and want to continue to keep those successes alive and thriving.