O'Cal to BetterNatal

New Name, Same Product: O-Cal Prenatals Rebranded as BetterNatal. 

Pharmics Inc. has announced that its customer-favorite O-Cal Prenatals will, from this point onward, be rebranded as BetterNatal prenatal vitamins. This change is effective immediately and is part of Pharmics Inc.’s renewal process to appeal to customers and reinforce consumer satisfaction.

BetterNatal prenatal vitamins are formulated to optimize each stage of pregnancy for both the growing baby and expecting mother. Rich in folic acid, iron, and 14 other essential nutrients, BetterNatal prenatal tablets are formulated to benefit women who are trying to, have been, or are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. As one of the company’s most popular products, Pharmics Inc. is proud to offer BetterNatal supplements as a safe way to promote healthy pregnancies, healthy women, and healthy babies. 

BetterNatal supplements are designed to be taken before, during, and after pregnancy. The use of these supplements has been formulated to optimize the body’s hormones for conception, promote healthy fetal growth, and reinforce women’s health during pregnancy. Vitamins included in BetterNatal prenatal supplements are also beneficial for breastfeeding and postpartum recovery. Women who are considering pregnancy should consult with a doctor or physician before consuming BetterNatal prenatal supplements. Pharmics Inc. advises women who have/could be diagnosed with pernicious anemia against consuming prenatal supplements prior to discussion with a healthcare professional.