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The Function of Iron Supplements

The Function of Iron Supplements

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Iron Supplements

The #1 deficient mineral in kids and women is iron. Supplement products, luckily, are the easy fix to ensure your health needs are met. Taking Iron deficiency supplements may help and reduce the risks.

This essential mineral’s function is to transport oxygen to the body through the blood. Without it, the muscles and tissues that need oxygen will function poorly. Our iron supplement dosage ensures you get the recommended amount to keep your body functioning properly and helps with deficiency restoraton.

Iron Supplements for Women

Whether they are pregnant, breastfeeding, or menstruating, women are often fatigued and need iron deficiency supplements to assist their diet in reaching the recommended dosage. It can be difficult consuming the proper amount of iron supplements for women strictly through diet, which commonly leads to deficiency.

Iron Supplements for Kids

Children often fall short of their recommended dosage and need iron deficiency supplements for kids. Their bodies are growing so rapidly that supplements are a must. Without supplement products or vitamins, kids rarely get enough of their recommended dosage and this deficiency can affect their overall health. Food products like whole grains and meat have a very high dosage, but often kids are not interested in wheat bread or liver. Without a supplement like our iron deficiency supplements for kids, they may not get all that their body needs to grow.

Iron supplements should vary in dosage, depending on the age of the user:

  • Proper dosage for kids should be between 7 and 10 mg/day depending on age.
  • The dosage for teenagers is 8-15 mg/day.
  • Supplement dosage for pregnant women is 27mg per day.
  • For women who breast feed, their ideal iron supplement dosage should be 9 -10 mg/day.

Our vitamins and supplements are easy to digest and you don’t get the negative side-effects that you get with other products.

Our vitamins for women and kids will help you meet dosage recommendations. This essential mineral is so important to your body that you must still include Iron-rich foods like meat, cereal, grains, and fish are key, but our vitamins and supplement products will help keep your body in balance and restore deficiency.

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Iron Supplementation May Help Children With ADHD

Iron deficiency may be a contributing factor in children with ADHD, according study published in the December  2013 issue of the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine.  Children may benefits from iron supplementation. 

Check with your healthcare provider to determine if your child is iron deficient.  Supplementing with Iron could be considered a 1st line treatment for kids with ADHD.

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