O-Cal FA - Product Review


O-Cal FA - Product Reviews

Great Vitamin

Apr 03, by Kristyn
I love that this vitamin has iodine. I feel so much energy when I take this (I don't take it at bedtime for this reason). It doesn't upset my stomach. Great price too! I will stick with this during and after pregnancy.

Best Ever Prenatal Vitamins

Mar 04, by Stephanie
I have found a great multi-vitamin. I have used this as my multi-vitamin for several years. It makes me feel great and I have not experienced any side effects. The price is great as well. It is cheaper for me to buy a bottle of 240 tablets outright than to pay my co-pay of $5 per month for 30 tablets. You should try it!

Easy on the stomach

Feb 22, by KariGirl 
At my prenatal visit my doctor gave me several brands of vitamins to try. I was nervous because I was already dealing with major morning sickness and am very sensitive to vitamins anyway. Out of the five she offered O-CAL F.A. was the only one that didn't make my symptoms worse. Now five years later I'm still taking O-CAL F.A. for my daily vitamin because it's easy on my stomach and is approved by my doctor. I'm so happy I have it and don't have to fear taking my vitamins anymore! Thank you!