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Jan 30, by Brittani
Love the nursing cups!! Genius!

Love them

May 11, by Rain
I used this after my 1st son and before my 2nd one came. We used other things to get my oldest to latch on, some worked but not for long. Finally the nurse decided to try this because I had inverted nipples at the time, I wore them for a few weeks and produced more milk and never had any issues again with him latching on. my 2nd child came 4.5 years later, a few weeks before he was born the nurse (same one) gave me a set to use, never had a issue with the 2nd the baby latching on because I got to use these.

Round 3 and I’m getting myself another set. Thank you for building such a wonderful product so I can be allowed to breastfeed with my inverted nipples.

A Great Product for all Nursing Moms

Apr 25, by Charlene L.
In came seeking this product for a young mom in my acquaintance, I was happy to find it still is being made. As a young nursing mom in the 80's, I found this product when I had my first born. I had such sore nipples and a blister formed. These nursing cups helped keep cloth for rubbing while they were healing. As a bonus to my ease of pain they helped me collect breast milk so I could save it for times away from baby. It can be worn to sleep in if you make sure the vent hole is pointed in an upper position. It can be worn while nursing on the other side, also collecting milk during the let-down, instead of it going into a nursing pad that is just thrown away. 

This was an essential to me and I hope that every nursing mom would also love it as did I.

A very pleased customer

Feb 23, by Paula W.
Having experienced the birth of four children in six years. I have attempted to nurse all of them, only once have I failed. My first went real well. I did all the necessary preparation (nipple exercise, etc.) For the first 2 weeks I was very sore but then I started to heal and all was well until I weaned him at six months.

My second was the most successful in terms of length. I breast fed her for 10 months. Then came my third child. I did all the necessary nipple exercises taking care not to overdo it or do too little. Well, I was sore for the first two weeks as with the others, I kept thinking "soon I will be able to breast feed without clinching my teeth." Well I was wrong. From day 2 or 3 to 3 months I nursed thinking that soon my nipples would heal and all would be fine. I ended up taking her straight to the bottle one night when I couldn’t take it anymore, so she was essentially a bottle fed baby.

Then came Sarah. The only red head of the bunch. After I delivered her one of the nurses gave me a set of O-Cal-ettes Breast Shields. I did a little nipple exercising just like with the others, but in this case I not only breast fed her for 7-8 months (she weaned herself at that time) I did not have any discomfort at all during the course of time that involved any kind of nipple soreness, cracked or otherwise.

I believe in all honesty that if I had had the O-Cal-ette breastfeeding shells after I had my third child I would have been able to enjoy the leisurely and less expensive way of feeding my baby. Thank you so very much,


Feb 23, by Kenda L.
In October I gave birth to my first child, Olyvia, and I decided to go through with my decision to breastfeed her. I had a very difficult time trying to get her to latch-on and when my milk came in I became so swollen and engorged that she couldn't get a hold at all. I was in so much pain that I stayed up all night crying. The next day my sister-in-law told me about the O-Cal-ette Nursing Cups and I bought some. This was the best purchase ever! Now I'm able to breastfeed my baby and I don't have any pain in doing so. I'd like to thank the inventor of these nursing cups......THANK YOU! The O-Cal-ette nursing cups are a god send!

Excellent Product

Feb 23, by Wilson Memorial Hospital
To the Manufacturer of O-Cal-ettes Nursing Cups: 

I want you to know what an excellent product you have brought out for breast feeding mothers. It has truly made my work in our O.B. Department much easier and has certainly helped our breast feeding moms. Thanks again for a good, useful product, just wish I would have thought of the idea.

You are a lifesaver!

Feb 23, by Carol. H.
You are a lifesaver! Thank you for sending me the O-Cal-ette Nursing Cups. They went to a new mother in need! Thanks again

Love your O-Cal-ettes

Feb 23, by Amy M.
I love your O-Cal-ette Nursing Cups! I used them with my first child and now with my second.

Wonderful product

Feb 23, by Martha. M.
I am not the kind of person that writes letters just for the fun of it, but I decided to write you because I am deeply grateful for your wonderful product "O-Cal-ette" nursing cups. I had my first baby last December, and I was so frustrated trying to feed my baby, because I hated the fact of being wet all the time. Disposable and cloth pads just didn't work, and I was about giving up breast feeding when a good friend told me of your plastic cups and she even let me borrow hers to try them. I couldn't believe the difference! I was happy and DRY all day, and they are so comfortable that I even sleep with them on. I've been recommending them to all my friends that are pregnant and there are quite a few! I just couldn’t live without them and besides, they also saved me a lot of money, since nursing pads are about $4.00 a box and they last 1-2 weeks, so I also have to thank you for "saving" my budget.